About the Bathymetry Survey of Laguna Negra. Did Ancient Glaciers really create a Lake 300 meters deep?

Because this project is also about how de-glaciations and climate change affect the lake, we need to know as much about it as possible, including the exact contours of its bottom, and how the temperature changes around the lake.

That’s why I have been doing a bathymetry survey over the past few days. That means driving the zodiac at a comfortably slow pace all around the lake, while recording the depth and temperature data.

Some people think that this is not the most interesting job in the world, but I love it, especially starting early in the morning, when the lake is calm, and travelling up to the northern reaches. The base camp is already far away from civilization, so to be far away from the base camp provides an even greater sense of being alone in nature.

Tomorrow my survey route should take me past the waterfalls that flow out of the glacier. I’ll try to take some good photos to post.

Posted by Eric

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