Update from the field

After several cool days, and some snow flurries, the Sun Returns.

Sunday, after several days of cold weather, was sunny and warm, and we
sure did take advantage of it. After a week without bathing or
washing, everybody in camp took some time after lunch for

Gonzalo and Andres set up a Solar Shower, and we all carried extra
buckets of water from the lake up to Base Camp to wash our clothes in,
then spreading them out on the rocks to dry in the sun. Tents were
swept, sleeping bags aired, chins were shaved, and before long we were
all back at work with an elevated enthusiasm.

Tonight after dinner we had several rounds of “Rock, Paper Scissors”
for the last 3 tiny bites of a particularly delicious chocolate bar,
The winners were Andres, ( our Paramedic) Nicolas, and Suzan.

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