Activities Log

Posted by PLL Team

Heavy clouds rushed up the valley this morning and enveloped the Base Camp in a dense fog, precluding any work that required boating. Everybody took advantage of this break to catch up on other jobs that had been neglected by our enthusiasm for the field work.

By noon the sun had burned through the cloud cover, but was accompanied by the strong wind that the forecast had predicted.

Liam and Suzan returned to the PLL location to continue …, while Trey managed the other end of the communication from the Robo-Dome.

The strong wind continued, and about 4 pm a gust nearly collapsed the Robo-Dome on top of Trey and Lisa. One of the bows that hold the Dome up had broken, and it took some quick thinking to jury-rig a splint before another gust came along, and then added extra support guys to prevent further trouble. (The Shelves in the Kitchen tent were also blown over in the gust, but no gear was blown away.)

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