Activity log

By Eric Smith

This morning Nathalie, Nicolas and I took the zodiak titled “Viking 1”
across the lake to investigate the zooplankton at the base of a couple
of small waterfalls.
The trip over was calm, going with the wind, but as soon as we arrived
at the cliffs where the glacial melt enters the lake, the wind started
picking up, strong out of the south, the direction we needed to go to
return to the base camp. After confirming that the copepods population
was active, we headed into the waves for the long wet slog to

While we were off exploring, Liam, Suzan. and Trey continued
assembling the Lake Lander. Already creating its own electrical power
with solar panels. Today they turned on, the electronics, got them to
talk to base camp, and established satellite connectivity to Ames via
satellite. A big success.

The early cloud cover, and increase in wind speeds seem to confirm the
forecast of stormy weather to come, but we are still hopeful that
tomorrow is as productive as today was.

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