Arrival of 3 Roboticist Brings base camp population to 11

By Eric Smith

Arrival of 4 new personnel at the base camp (including myself) almost doubled the base camp population.

Nathalie and Cristian have been preparing the camp for the last week for the arrival of the whole team. That means transporting 4 big dome tents that will serve as Labs and the Mess, plus the entire Kitchen, 8 tents for sleeping, and the same volume all over again of scientific equipment in heavy cases. 2 tons of gear in total moved by mule, boat, or backpack from the end of the road to the Base camp location.

So now with the arrival of engineers Liam, Susan, and Trey, the robotics portion of the Project can get going.  This is important because we only have a few weeks of good weather to get a lot of work done. And when we leave, there will be a Planetary Lake Lander left behind to continue the work on its own for the rest of the year.

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